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On-line Credit Card Security

Secure Order Guarantee

We guarantee that your credit card information will be safe when you place an order at Our Secure Order Guarantee means that you'll never have to pay any money related to unauthorized charges to your credit card account, if those charges result from a transaction at Bottom line: You're always protected when you shop our site.

Here's how the guarantee works: If you're ever a victim of credit card fraud, the Fair Credit Act specifies that your credit card company can hold you liable for no more than $50 in fraudulent charges to your account. With the Secure Order Guarantee, you'll be reimbursed for any amount up to $50 billed to you by your credit card company for unauthorized charges to your account, if those charges result from an order you've placed on our secure server. For this protection, you must promptly notify your credit card company of any fraudulent charges and follow the procedures for doing so as outlined in your credit card agreement.

Your credit card is safe at − guaranteed.

The Secure Order Process

The following section describes how the secure order process works, from start to finish.

1. Starting Your Order

Every purchase at is secure, and clicking a Checkout button on the Shopping Cart page is all it takes to get started. The security features are automatic; you don't need to do anything special to invoke them. 2. Making a Positive ID

Once you've clicked the Checkout button, your browser looks for a digital certificate to confirm that it is communicating with Once a positive ID is made, your order continues.

We use Equifax software to enable the use of digital certificates. You can click on the secure symbol in the bottom bar of your browser to verify that is a secure site. For your security, the verification process happens in the background every time you place an order on our site.

3. Entering Secure Mode

Next, your computer and our server begin communicating in secure mode, sending data back and forth in an encrypted format.

At this point you may see a window similar to the one at right, which some browsers display when you are about to receive a secure document. It's fine to click \"OK\" (or \"Continue\") to proceed – it simply means that you will begin receiving pages in a highly secure encrypted format.

After your browser has entered secure mode, we'll ask you to enter your credit card information. The encryption features of browser software are exceptionally powerful and ensure the security of this data as it is transmitted to our server. Our site makes use of the Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) protocol and 128-bit strong encryption to provide the highest level of security available.

4. My Order Is Complete. What Happens Next?

Security measures continue even after you've placed your order, as we process your order in a highly secure computing environment.

Security: Watching It Work

The most popular Web browsers, Internet Explorer and Netscape Communicator (aka Navigator), use clear visual symbols to let you know whether or not they are in secure mode. The symbols are displayed either at the bottom left or bottom right of your browser window. You can refer to the following chart to see which symbols are used with your browser.

Secure Symbol
Non-Secure Symbol

no symbol used


Another indication that a browser is in secure mode can be found in the Web site address that your browser displays. The address will begin "http://" in standard, non-secure mode and "https://" in secure mode. The "s" stands for "secure."

Tip: Continuing to Browse

Once your order is complete, it's perfectly safe for you to continue to browse our site in standard mode. In fact, once you exit the ordering process, your browser will automatically revert to this slightly faster mode of communication.

What If I Make a Purchase with a Browser That Doesn't Support Security?

You can't. Because we don't want you ever to have to worry about ordering from our site without a secure connection, we've designed our system so that it will process orders only with browsers that support secure mode.

Please note that the latest versions of Netscape's and Microsoft's browsers have security features, and both are free for downloading. Visit either company's Web site for details.

If You Forget Your Password

In the event you forget your account password, we will email you with your current password when you give your email address. We do suggest that once you have received this email you should log onto your account and change your password. In the unlikely event that someone has intercepted your email.

For More Information

We've worked hard to bring you a secure online ordering environment. We hope you'll contact us with your questions, comments or concerns.

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Shipping Information is pleased to offer 3 shipping methods to best suit your needs:

    Standard Ground Service
    2-Day Priority Service
    Overnight Shipping.

Shipping rates are calculated by the total cost of your shipment*

You will be asked to choose your preferred method of shipping during the Check Out process. You will need to make this selection each time you revisit our site and place a new order. Shipping Rate Chart:

Shipping Type

* Any applicable taxes are not included when figuring total shipment cost in relation to shipping charges

** 'Heavyweight Items' are not included in the Shipping Rate Chart. Heavyweight items include but are not limited to: large motors, frames, panels, etc. When such an item is purchased and you go to check out, a message will appear that a representative will get back to you promptly with a final freight cost. We appreciate your understanding

*** ALASKA, HAWAII & PUERTO RICO orders can be shipped standard, priority (2 day), or overnight. A $10.00 ancillary fee will be added to each order.

****International shipping rates will vary depending on freight carriers costs and applicable duties and fees.

*****Shipping charges for backordered items will be billed to the customer at cost.

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Scratch N Dents Policy
All scratch and dent parts are items that were removed from Daniels Equipment Co. Inc. service technicians vans. These parts were all inspected and did not meet our “new” standards. Scratch and dent parts come with a 30 day limited warranty. This is a credit only policy. The customer will be credited for the amount paid on the item if the item is defective and is returned within 30 days of the original sale. Quantities are limited to current stock.

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Information Privacy Policy
About our privacy practices

Cost-Less Parts! specializes in the coin and commercial laundry business. In addition to great parts values, we offer technical information regarding your equipment. Our multi-million dollar spare parts inventory insures immediate filling of your needs - promptly. wants to be your exclusive laundry parts supplier.

Part of achieving this goal involves working with information that helps us understand what customers want when they visit We do this in two ways. First, we analyze customer information in aggregate – that is, we collect information about thousands of site visits and analyze it as a whole. This information, centered around how customers navigate through the site and place orders, is in the form of \"clickstream data\" and/or data gathered via pixel tags. In this kind of study, we look for trends among many visitors to rather than analyze information about any individual customer.

Second, we may use information gathered during your visit to help customize our communications with you. For instance, if you choose to view or buy glo-bars at, we might offer you a link to related products the next time you visit us online, or we might send you our latest dryer mailer.

In the end, we hope to tailor our communications with you to fit your needs – so that you receive more of what you want from us and less of what you don't want.

The two following sections, Information you provide us and Cookies – what they are and how we use them, provide more details about information we gather at

Information you provide us

In several areas of, we ask you to provide information by filling out and submitting an online form. Following is a list of the information we request, arranged by site location, and details on how we use this information.

• Checkout. We ask for your name, address and contact information so we can send you your order, and so we can contact you if we have a question about your order. We ask for credit card information so we can fulfill your order, and so we can provide this information to the company or companies who process your credit card payment. We do not share any information with third parties, except in the case of contact or order information needed to fulfill your order. We do not share or sell email addresses.

• My Account. When you create an account at, we ask for your name, address, phone number, email address, credit card information (optional) and password.

• Contact Us and Email to We ask for your name and email address, and for information to help us answer your questions. If you have provided your email address to us only via Contact Us or by sending us an email message, we may follow up on your question via email, but we will not send you email for marketing purposes. We do not share questions or comments provided in Contact Us with any other company, and we do not share or sell email addresses.

Information we do not collect

When you visit our site, we do not collect your name, email address or any other personal information unless you provide it to us.

How we use email

After you place an order on our site, you will receive an email confirmation and, in most cases, an email with package tracking information.

We send the Cost-Less Parts! mailers, our email update on sales and products, to subscribers and occasionally to other customers who we think might be interested in receiving this information. Unsubscribe instructions are included in each edition of the email.

If you provide your email address only via Contact Us or in email to, we may send you email to follow up on your inquiry, but we will not use the address for marketing purposes.

We do not sell or share email addresses with other companies.

We do use email as a means of receiving feedback from our customers, and we encourage you to email us with your questions or comments. We read every email we receive.

Information we do not share with others

Cost-Less Parts! does not share, sell or trade email addresses, information collected as part of a survey, or specific details about you or your household. We do not contribute to or participate in shared or cooperative databases, which give other companies access to your personal information. We do not release credit card or financial information for use by other companies. For both privacy and security purposes, all transactional information communicated between customers and our Web site is transmitted in an encrypted format, and all credit card information is stored in a highly secure computing environment.

How to limit mailers; remove your name from our mailing list, etc.

You may contact us by phone, email or postal mail to:

Phone at 1-877-267-8571

Email us at or write to the following address:

45 Priscilla Ln.
Auburn, NH 03032

Please include a note of instruction

The Difference Between Monthly Specials, Hot Specials, And Smart Buys
What is the difference between Specials, Hot Specials, and Smart Buys?

Monthly Specials are super values that Cost-Less Parts! offers you as a result of bulk purchasing, overstocking, or inventory reduction. Savings we receive are directly passed onto you! These specials are often available for a limited time only, so hurry to buy before time runs out.

Hot Specials are consistently below industry prices and are only available online. (Up to 76% off list!)

Smart Buys are commercial laundry parts that come from the same component manufacturers who supply laundry equipment manufacturers (OEM). We offer these quality parts at reasonable prices. These parts are often referred to as \"aftermarket.\" We have tested these parts to insure that they meet the same quality standards, and they are protected by the same warranty. To identify a Smart Buy, the part number has had a SB added to the end of the regular part number. For example, if the OEM part number is F280342, the smart buy would be F280342SB.